10 Nisan 2015 Cuma

The Right Sunglasses According to your Facial Shape

Fantastic Round Sunglasses

Long seen on The Beatles, Classic Round Sunglasses are supported by numerous women. Truth be told, this style is perfect for ladies with oval, heart and square-formed appearances. It chips away at the theory that alternate extremes work best (round sunnies for rakish facial shapes, and the other way around.)

Larger than usual Round Sunglasses

An ageless style, curiously large round shades have been connected with Jackie O's design energy. Her affinity for these sunnies shocks no one however, as they look incredible on oval, elliptical and square-formed countenances. Aside from that, they offer extraordinary eye-pack camouflage, particularly on the off chance that you don't have room schedule-wise to put on some make-up.


In the past days, pilots were pilot staples. In any case now, they have gotten to be a greater amount of design essentials. While pilots supplement most facial shapes, they are best for those with elongated molded countenances. That is on account of they can add totality to the high brow and tight jaw connected with elongated appearances.

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